Thursday, February 7, 2013

About Us

about art

we are the people who live in a country as large and very rich in cultural diversity and artistry that is Indonesia. we are the original Indonesian art lovers. because for us art is something very valuable if it can be developed and introduced in the modern world as it is today. in our country there are many tribes and races which it makes our country has so many art such as dance, music, cultural arts and much more.
although our country consists of many tribes and races, but we remain united country because we uphold the unity and integrity of the nation with mutual respect and mutual respect for the other tribes. art can serve as a symbol of a region or tribe. because art can give a sense of beauty that can lead to a deeper love of the arts.
understanding the arts
Art is a process of human (created) or the essence of creative expression that contains elements of beauty and elegance, one who creates an artistic creativity is called artist.
Art can not be measured by parameters because art is difficult to explain and difficult to assess, because humans have a judgment about the art itself and art can also be said to be the process or product of choosing medium and a set of rules for the use of the medium.

So the definition of Art is part of a culture that has to do with the element of beauty and elegance, the element of human existence in the minds of inner beauty that includes elements of it. Art can also be interpreted as a process of creation of the elements that make the heart happy, satisfied to complete the inner side of human life.

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